Pollution in Delhi – Why using eco-friendly products make sense?

Pollution, be it in Delhi or in New York, needs our attention as we are a staying in a world where children are on the brink of inheriting a barren, polluted, choking and rapidly warming up planet. Recently, Delhi has been in News for past few days all around the world for its alarming levels of pollutions, thanks to a number of reasons

  • Bursting crackers on Diwali
  • Burning of acres of crop-land by farmers as per past traditions
  • Motor vehicular pollution

Delhi’s government recently reached out to seek suggestions on how we can curb this menace more on an individualistic level. But, let us talk about why with one basic motto of ‘Going Eco-Friendly’, we can benefit a lot.
Going Eco-friendly would mean

  • Using products that are friendly to the environment
  • Bio-degradable
  • Require no wastage to be produced
  • Economical
  • Recyclable

Ever seen a bicycle create pollution? Or for that matter, any electronically charged vehicle?

But, this transition is going to be hard for the Dilli-walah who loves his Car(s).

Since much of the population is ignorant about the options available to eco-friendly options, businesses of reusable items such as coffee mugs, plastic wraps, etc.
How Delhi Can Benefit from Eco Friendly solutions –

  • Shifting to a cleaner electricity technology like
    • Solar panels, geothermal and other renewable sources at a larger scale
    • Get Solar powered speakers
    • Solar powered home lights
    • Solar powered phone chargers
    • LED Bulbs
  • Another revolutionary product to Save Water is the product called Shower Timer that helps you reduce water wastage
  • Biodegradable paper, paints, furniture can also be promoted
  • Replacing as much plastic products with products labelled “eco-friendly”



Awareness of the same by local and Governmental campaigns can help. Setting legal benchmarks for emission levels by all kinds of mediums can help a lot too. Thus, making people liable to stay in the limits of emission, by law.

  • Transforming the ways to transport can also bring down air pollution levels. Though the metro is a benchmark in being the most eco-friendly means, bicycle use can be popularized
  • Eco friendly funeral rituals such as at electric crematoriums can help reduce toxins released due to burning tonnes of wood

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