5 ways to boost your metabolism

Boosting your metabolism means enhancing your body’s abilities to breakdown food components in a better manner and letting you stay fit. Not all kinds of foods react the same way to our body than to others, which is why not all of us are in the same shape.\

boost metabolism yemedo

But what if you wish to eat all your favourite foods and stay fit? Then the good news is you can certainly work on boosting your metabolism. With some simple yet healthy practices and food habits, here are 5 proven ways to boost your metabolism.

  1. Eating Spicy Foods

Regularly including spices like Capsaicin in your diet can help enhance your metabolism. Found in peppers, capsicums and chillies, it helps in weight loss and a faster metabolism by its chemical process of thermogenesis i.e.  Generating heat by burning fat.

So next time you try some chillies, remember the good its doing to your metabolism.

  1. Drink Green Tea / Oolong Tea

This low calorie yet fulfilling beverage can be your partner in not just maintaining a healthy diet but also boosting your metabolism by up to 5%. Proven studies say drinking 3-4 cups a day can help burn extra 70 calories a day and improves metabolism within right from day 1 of its consumption.

  1. Sleeping 8 hours

Many still debate this, but majority of studies suggest the human body is meant for a full 8 hour sleep cycle in order to function normally. Not getting enough sleep leads to a jump in your stress hormone called cortisol. And a higher level of cortisol leads to bad metabolism, faster ageing and increase in your appetite which thus upsurges your waistline. Choice is yours.

  1. Standing up more

Majority of our day time, unknowingly goes into sitting for hours on your desk that have showcased terrifying health hazards. This lifestyle change of standing up more often will also bring about a transformation in your weakening metabolism. For every 3 hours of sitting, try staying up for an hour every day.

  1. Lifting Weights With Balanced Diet

No nutritionist or anyone who cares for your health would suggest you to skip meals. Contrary to popular belief, breakfast may be the most important diet but balancing your diet with portions of protein, fibre and fat combined with formal exercises work wonders for your metabolism and overall health.


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