What can we do to reduce air pollution?

Ever wondered what repercussions each and every act of our daily lives has on the environment? Right from using the daily appliances like air conditioners, to shedding wastes, to using vehicles, to using various not-so-environment friendly household products? Every step has its own effect and contribution in polluting the environment, specifically the air.


So what is that we can do to reduce air pollution on an individual levels, after all it’s the small changes that count and create a bigger impact? Let’s start from agreeing to alter our lifestyles. A pledge to yourself of staying consistent to the following habits that shall help you reduce air pollution-

  1. Drive only when necessary

Avoiding lone driving and rather taking the public transit or joining a car pool will help lessen the Co2 emission on the roads. You have a personal vehicle? Great, let’s just use it when all of the family is travelling together or it’s an emergency. Also, go for online shopping, it’s less of a hassle and saves you an extra trip and gas money.

  1. Buy Appliances with eco-friendly ratings

Thanks to the environmental conscious manufacturing, now a lot of appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators are available in eco-friendly ratings. Always go for those.

  1. Promote judicial electricity usage

It’s great if you practice switching off lights when not in use and use only LED/ power saving lights, but to promote this idea to your community/colony/residential society would do a greater good. The electricity we use comes from burning of fossil fuels. Planning energy conservation programs on local levels will promote awareness and encourage practice in generally reluctant people.

  1. Go Chemical Free

Make sure to buy chemical free paints, cleaning agents, glues with zero VOC. Also, make sure to clean your house of dust and moulds. Avoid using spray paints.

  1. Vehicle and Appliance maintenance

This is very important since unmaintained appliances and vehicles can cause more pollution that usual. Clean the filters of the air conditions, gas stoves, and chimneys. Change car oil and conduct regular checks for maintenance.

  1. Avoid burning wood, incense, candles

If you have to burn these items inside the house, make sure they are not burnt on a regular basis. Indoor pollution can cause lung diseases.

  1. Plant trees

Locate a place and plant oaks, pines, mahogany, and banyan once in your lifetime.



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