Heart health in winters

According to a research, heart attack risks are up by more than 35% in winters. Time and again, physicians warn us to stay active, eat healthy and avoid infections by taking care of our immunity. Respiratory infections and diseases are always on a rise in the cold season. All these problems are caused due to either lack of enough activities, lack of sunlight exposure, and feasting on unhealthy, preservative-added foods.

healthy winter yemedo

To take care of your heart in the winters, follows these few rituals as they have proven to help individuals stay healthy even in the harshest of this weather.

  1. Stay motivated to stay active

Dodge the un-timely naps or the desires to get in or stay in the cosy couch or bed. Rather, make sure to get a compulsory walk of 30 minutes every day in the sun, preferably before sunset and not the mornings. Sunlight combats the winter blues, improves mood, along with overall health and digestion.

  1. Eliminate Influenza

The seasonal influence spread like wildfire in the winters. It is even dreadful for individuals with heart problems as it weakens them, causing throbbing aches and fever. If you suffer a lower immunity, get precautionary vaccine shots after consulting your doctor. Intake of vitamin B12 and vitamin A is also suggested which is generally found in dairy products.

  1. For chronic heart problems

Winters can be painful for those with coronary heart problems, causing them sheer discomforts due to stinging chest pains. Keep your medicine handy and an emergency number on speed dial. Report to the nearest ER if you note heart-attack symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, pain in jaw and discomfort or nausea.

  1. Keep Alcohol at bay

Busting the myth that alcohol keeps you warm during the winters, it is suggested to avoid drinking alcohol as it simply gives out a temporary warm due to increased blood flow and capillary expansion. It in fact lowers the body temperature taking away the natural warmth, without letting us realise due to intoxication that’s taking place.

  1. Lastly, don’t forget the fruits and veggies

Do not forget to stock up on root vegetables and season’s fruits. Prepare your meals with these vegetables and enjoy a balanced diet. Include the season’s fruits in your breakfast and essentially add on some MUFA filled nuts that work wonders for energy levels, immunity and natural warmth.







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