Taking Care of Premature Babies

Well, it is ubiquitously known that every child is a special gift of God and each of them needs endless care in their primitive stage of growth & development growing years. But an infant, who is born at a certain period of time before the scheduled birth month, is supposed to be in dire need of special, intensive and utmost care and attention until the doctors don’t tell you otherwise. The premature babies have a higher risk of contracting a life-threatening infection, s and generally, they have low immune system as compared to the full-term babies. For any parent, seeing a sick child is heartbreaking and emotionally draining. However, parents of a premature baby can take a cautious approach by following a few advices, and thereby ensuringe the well-being of their little one. Here’s what they can do.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

If a baby is underweight or weak, the doctors gives an advice to

put the premature baby under Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU. It is going to be your child’s safe haven for the first few days or may be weeks. The infant would be kept in the NICU under thorough medical watch. It will go through various tests, medications and

treatments, necessarily to ensure high survival rates of the baby. Due to premature delivery, their basic organs like lungs, heart and tissue might not have developed properly. The NICU provides oxygen support, ventilator
support to the child along with fluids and medications requisite for the baby a as per its medical condition.

It is after treating the baby in the neonatal care and witnessing signs of positive development that the doctors allow parents to make contact with their child. For a few days after the NICU, the doctor keeps a track on child’s improvement and advise the parents to ensure a healthy and germ-free environment for the baby.

In India, a case was reported in 2015 in which the child was born only after the four month of pregnancy. The child survived and was handed over to the mother only after 6 weeks of ventilator and 12 weeks of oxygen support. NICU brings a ray of hope for the parents of premature babies.

Kangaroo Care

A primitive way of treating sick newborns, Kangaroo pouch care, has been

found to be a very effective method of the recovery of a premature baby. As

the name suggests, i.e. Kangaroo Care, under this type of care and attention the new born is kept skin to skin with the mother, with the child’s head between mother’s bare chest. The child’s head is placed sideways so they can listen to the mother’s heartbeat. The method significantly improves the child’s health as it is scientifically proven that the mother’s body temperature keeps the baby warm. With skin- to- skin touch, breastfeeding is easier and so is the ability of child falling in deep sleep. While breast milk helps develop the immunity system of the child, letting him have a deep sleep helps in energy building and thus weight gain, which is important for premature babies who are generally underweight.


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