How Meditation Helps Ease Chronic Illness


When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place. – Bhagavad Gita

It is very difficult to cure chronic illnesses. Some of the infamous chronic illnesses include asthma, bronchiectasis, HIV, glaucoma, epilepsy, haemophilia, cardiac and kidney chronic illnesses, artery chronic illnesses and so on. Patients with chronic illnesses have little hope of recovery and this persistent nagging hopelessness at the back of their minds are capable of driving them into depression which in turn leads to the manifestation of various diseases itself.

Therefore, it is very essential to help patients with chronic illnesses cope with their daily struggle. The answer is very simple – Meditation. If one can mediate, chronic illnesses will definitely be at ease. Even if you have no chronic illness, practicing mediation will keep other associated problems at bay. Here are some reasons why meditation helps ease chronic illness.

In a paper published in the well-known medical journal – Behavioural Medicine, a study by eminent medical professionals proved that meditation has a general positive effect on psychological and physiological health. There are two kinds of meditation – mindfulness and spiritual.

Mindfulness Meditation – It is a proven and effective way to ease the mind in order to reduce pain in any part of the body. Pain is triggered by the pain sensory nerves in our brain. Thus, if the mind can be put at ease, the feeling of psychological and physiological pain in chronic illnesses become easier to deal with. Mindfulness Meditation is easy and simple. You just need to find a place to sit. Then gently breathe in and out, observing your breath and let your mind wander in the space between breaths.

The mind is essentially diverted from the pain through meditation as the parasympathetic nervous system is plunged into a trance allowing the body to rest and cells to regenerate. This is because there is increased blood flow and decreased heart beat rate which allows the muscles to relax, and thus increasing the stamina and cognitive responses. This in turn leads to all-round healing as all the cells of the body receive and use oxygen and other nutrients very effectively allowing the immunity cells to fight with the micro-organisms causing such chronic illnesses.

Studies further show that meditation balances the circulatory system and there is an increased rate of cell regeneration which allows every body part to have their own share of immunity cells and white blood cells.

Spiritual Meditation – Research indicates that when patients of chronic illnesses access their spiritual self, they have greater tolerance towards pain. Prayer is a form of spiritual meditation which has proven its effectiveness amongst various patients. Spiritual meditation has the exact same effects as mindfulness meditation if done at regular intervals.


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