Top Diet Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


A healthy pregnancy ensures a healthy baby. It is a well-known fact that an unborn child derives its nutrients from the mother and its health is directly proportional to the mother’s health. Therefore, it is essential for the mother to lead a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy period. The key to a healthy lifestyle is a proper and nutritious diet. Here are the top diet tips for a healthy pregnancy.

Breakfast is Important! – Make sure you don’t skip breakfast! Try fortified cereals as they are rich in nutrients. You can also go for cooked breakfast cereals with fruit. If you are nauseous, start the day with whole wheat toast.

Eat Fibre! – It is important to have foods with a lot of fibre in them. For instance, vegetables and fruits, like carrots, cooked greens, bananas, and melon. Include beans and whole wheat in your diet along with brown rice and oatmeal (preferably).

Munch Healthy! – Everyone needs to munch on snacks throughout the day. Make sure you choose a healthy one like yoghurt (low-fat or fat-free) with fruits or whole-grain crackers with fat-free or low fat cheese. You can also include legumes and non-fat milk in your diet.

Every Bite Counts! – Did you know that it takes about 55,000 extra calories to make a healthy baby? Which is equivalent to 300 extra calories a day (the equivalent of a glass of low-fat milk, a slice of bread and an apple). So, whilst you have the above-mentioned breakfast, high-fibre lunch and the plan to munch, make sure your intake is a lot of calories!

Calcium is Important! – Your pregnancy demands a lot of calcium intake. Calcium helps build bones in the baby and prevent bone loss in the mother. You need 3 or more glasses of low-fat or non-fat milk or fortified soy milk everyday before, during, and after pregnancy. Cook your rice or oatmeal with milk instead of water. You require at least 1,000 mg calcium a day.

Minerals! – Iron keeps your blood healthy while folic acid helps prevent birth defects. Protein-rich foods, like extra-lean meat, chicken without the skin, fish, or cooked dried beans and peas, are important sources of iron. It ensures normal development and growth, and prevents premature delivery. Cook in cast iron pots. Take a multivitamin that includes iron.

Fluids without alcohol or caffeine or colas or tea! – It is important to get enough nourishing fluids during pregnancy. Carry a water bottle, take  a glass of water between each meal and snack, drink nutritious beverages, such as reduced-sodium V8, orange juice, or non-fat milk. Cut out the alcohol, cola, tea and the caffeine completely!

No Seafood! – Avoid fish as they have mercury. However, you need the omega-3s, especially DHA available in fish, for the baby’s brain development. You can get that same DHA in foods that are fortified with algal-based DHA. Or, take a DHA supplement. Try to have about 300mg of DHA a day.


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