These Fitness Tips Will Surely Help You In Your Workaholic Lifestyle


Becoming a workaholic can be harmful. Even though you could be finishing a lot of work every day and in deadlines, chances are you are ruining your health and career  because you have time for neither. Most people become dull, monotonous and are not even able to enjoy themselves because they are workaholics. Not to mention, obesity and lifestyle disorders are on the rise. Meditation is a very helpful way to cope with the stresses of a workaholic.

Here are some of the other fitness tips that will surely help you in your workaholic lifestyle.

Healthy Diet – It is important to eat smart when you work for 10 hours a day. Pack a healthy lunch instead of eating junk food or depending on street food. This also helps prevent you from skipping meals and keeps energy levels maintained. Always keep nuts and biscuits with you so that if you know you can’t get to lunch until the late afternoon, you have a back-up snack to hold you over. Bring other snacks like fresh fruits, raw vegetables, boiled eggs, yogurts, etc. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Take A Walk Around Your Desk – It’s important that you get a break and manage to sneak in some exercise. If you are sitting continuously for 30 minutes, just get up, and walk around your place. You can take regular exercise breaks along with a colleague several times a day.  If you have to convey something to your colleague, go over to his/her desk and speak instead of chatting over emails. Walk to the water refill area for filling up your water bottle.

Simple Exercises – Here are some simple exercises you can follow right at your seat in your pursuit of ways to stay fit.

(a) Shoulder Stretching – Raise your arms upwards and hold them for a few seconds, and stretch your shoulders accordingly. Release and repeat again. Do it for few minutes every couple of hours.

(b) Leg straightening – While sitting, sit slightly forward away from the backrest. Lift a leg three inches off the ground. Tighten the leg muscle and hold for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat the same with other leg. . Repeat at least twice a day.

(c) Eye rolling – Just take a minute to do this. Simply close your eyes and roll it around in circular motions. It is a massage for your eyes.

Use Facilities at Your Office – If you are one of those lucky ones whose office is equipped with gyms, swimming pools, etc., then take the advantage of joining them and avail benefits in the organization. Also, take part in the office activities and competitions.


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